South Cape York Catchments


South Cape York Catchments (SCYC) is a community based Natural Resource Management organisation. In the last 12 months we have undertaken works including aquatic weed control, cultural heritage protection, re vegetation of riparian areas, feral pig exclusion fencing from high value wetlands, water quality monitoring and threatened species surveys.

This work is undertaken in partnership with Traditional Owners, Volunteers, Indigenous Rangers and School Students.

February 2015 News

Crown of Thorns Control Training 

The Crown of Thorns Starfish Control Training on Saturday was a huge success! A great group of interested and motivated community members learnt how to effectively and humanely kill COTS, which will be invaluable in the protection of our local reefs. 

SCYC wishes to thank Scott Firth from AMPTO for coming up to teach us about all things COTS, and the Cooktown District Community Centre for lending us their lovely building for the event. 
Now we just need some calm weather so we can get out and find some COTS!








Water Quality Sampling

SCYC has been busy this weekend collecting water samples from around the catchment.  Working with Jeff Shellburg, SCYC has been taking samples from different points on the Annan River to capture the sediment and nutrient loads of the flood waters created by the good rain recently.  The data collected is used to better understand the sediments and nutrients that are transported to the Great Barrier Reef by rivers, and what impact they may be having on freshwater and marine ecosystems.  

January 2015 News

Laura Highlights 

The Laura Rangers have started their third year of flood monitoring in the Laura and Normanby Rivers.  Water quality monitoring during rain events gives vital information about nutrient and sediment loads in swollen rivers.  The Rangers have also been working on their new base, pulling together their rock art survey details for the National Heritage Listing assessment and checking the animal exclusion fences around Mushroom Rock and Ginger Creek.

Melsonby Highlights 

The Balnggarrawarra Rangers have been busy fighting Rubber Vine on Melsonby.  A week long survey of the weed was conducted along the Normanby River late last year and 21 hectares of thick Rubber Vine thickets was controlled using the basal bark method.  In conjuction, Simon Thompson (DATSIMA) conducted a weed survey along the river. Accompanied by a Ranger, Simon surveyed 13 kms of river frontage and documented not only Rubber Vine but a host of other weeds.