South Cape York Catchments


South Cape York Catchments (SCYC) is a community based Natural Resource Management organisation. In the last 12 months we have undertaken works including aquatic weed control, cultural heritage protection, re vegetation of riparian areas, feral pig exclusion fencing from high value wetlands, water quality monitoring and threatened species surveys.

This work is undertaken in partnership with Traditional Owners, Volunteers, Indigenous Rangers and School Students.

August 2014 News

Erosion Management on Melsonby 

Balnggarrawarra Rangers are concerned about how erosion is impacting on their country. Erosion not only damages roads, preventing access to cultural sites and land management activities but also has an effect on water quality and aquatic habitats. To combat this threat, the Rangers have begun an erosion mitigation program to lessen the amount of sediment run off and improve already degraded sites. With the help of Jeff Shellberg and Andrew Hartwig, Rangers learnt how to apply best practice road construction techniques on their highly erodible soils. Works have also begun constructing “drop structures” on sites with considerable erosion. Drop structures act like a dam for sediment. Sediment builds up against the drop structure so that in the future, vegetation can establish and naturally regenerate the site. It is hoped by improving erosion that there will always be a habitat for the big Barramundi and Jew fish down at the river.

July 2014 News

Cooktown and District Country Show 

South Cape York Catchments had a great day at the Cooktown and District Country Show screen printing, painting and chatting to locals and tourists about our work and what is important to them about Cape York.  SCYC was joined by Cape York NRM, and it was really interesting to hear the different opinions of locals and travellers.  It was very clear that a healthy environment and clean waterways was of particular importance to locals and travellers alike- which makes our work all the more important!  

A great day was had by all, and it was a great opportunity for SCYC to get out and about in the wider community to hear what people have to say.