Photo Competition Winners Announced 

Cape York Climate - The good, the bad and the sensational

Senior 1st Place - Great Roberts 

After the fire comes the rain... Rainbow Bee Eater fluffing up in the drizzle


Senior 2nd Place - Robyn Raymond

Rain coming at Pinnacle


Junior 1st Place - Sam Simmonds

This is just one of the beautiful places untouched by mans footprint.


Junior 2nd Place - Sienna Thomason

People choice  - Teila Winton 

A Winter Sunset. June Long weekend. Tourists and locals alike, get to enjoy the simplicity and magnificent views of Cooktown.

Junior - Adam Raymond

Solar eclipse over the Cape

Senior - Cassandra Sorenson

Waiting for rain.  Will this storm go around us?  Yep.

Senior - Cassandra Sorenson

Jensens Crossing bridge in middle no rain.  Outside photos. Disappearing bridge sign and more water less road.  (Righto a collage -more than one photo but interesting)

Senior - Cathy Simmonds 

Making their own fun during a cyclone in March 2014,in the Gulf of Carpentaria ,although the tidal waves seem to be winning.

Junior - Tyrone Simmonds 

This is the sunset at my home in the Gulf of Carpentaria,best place on earth.

Senior - Dean Raymond 

Feather floating on the dam.

Senior - Donna Cobus  

Early morning at Starke Beach waiting for the mist to lift over the water.

Junior - Eli Carroll

Playing Footy on a hot afternoon with my Dad

Junior - Eliza Sail 

The wet season is a majestical time when the rivers are rushing with water and fish and the grass and trees becomes a luscious rich green.

Senior - Eric Dick

On Weary Bay beach a large tree sucomes to the relentless action of the tide, waves, and wind. Roots in the air it lays helpless. 

Climate Message: Everything Changes. Our climate shapes our environment. It gives and it takes away. 

Senior - Eric Dick

Storm clouds roll in over Bloomfield River obscuring the setting sun which lights up the high clouds like rainbow fire. 

Climate Message:  The climate of Cape York can be extreme but beautiful. "Every dark cloud has a silver lining."

Senior - Gay Macdonald

Bad Weather:Approaching front: a frontal system slides across the Endeavour River at Cooktown.

Senior - Gay Macdonald

Good weather: Red sky at night, sure is a delight! Sunset on the Endeavour River

Junior - Hannah Gibson 

Junior - India Carroll

Diving at Lizard Island in the warm clear water. 

Senior - Jacky Rock 

Fishing the storm.

Senior - Jacky Rock 

Cooling off on a tropical summer day.

Senior - Jacynta Hunt 

This is a storm rolling in across the Endeavour River as we watched from the top of Grassy Hill. It represents the wild beauty of wet season to me.

Senior - Janneen Wanganeen

Portland Road (near Lockhart River): According to an Indonesian proverb, calm water does not mean there are no crocodiles. 

Senior - Janneen Wanganeen

Archer Point (near Cooktown): A storm rolls in over Archer Point within minutes.

Senior - Jessie Price

Late dry season- everything is ready and waiting for the rain (and hoping there's no fires!)   

Senior - Joallan Seagren 

Remnants of a Cape Wet Season -What's left when creek and river waters rise and fall.

Senior - Jodi G


Senior - Kaz Price

Late Season Fire on the Nifold - a cool fire is an early fire!!

Senior - Kristy Turner 

Great representation of the 2 seasons and the 2 things we hold dear in the Far North the rain and the sun.

Senior - Loretta Sullivan 

Weipa Sunrise.

Junior - Luke Raymond 

Rosella finding feed.

Senior - Mud Guts

This is good climate :- where the rainforest , reef , sunshine and rain , all meet for breakfast !

Senior - Rene Hornsey 

Hey look, a Cat fighting a Rooster! Everybody sees our climate differently.

Senior - Dean Raymond

Sunset at Pinnacle west of Laura

Senior - Robyn Raymond

Sunset at Pinnacle is summer

Senior - Robyn Sheehan 

The Beauty & the Beasts.

This is the beautiful lotus flowers at the lakes at Kings Plains during the wet...but watch out for the resident crocs (not visible - but lurking there somewhere)!!!


Junior - Rocco Thomason 


Senior - Roy Roberts

From the Source.


 Senior - Samantha Hobbs

Wet season fun on the Annan River.


 Senior - Sarah Martin and Vince Parkes

Walking into the storm - enjoying a break in the wet


 Senior - Sarah Martin and Vince Parkes

Four seagulls and a lone butterfly wait out the wet season at the Fisherman's Wharf.


 Senior - Wayne Brydie

A hot summer night.


 Senior - Wayne Brydie 

Mr cool.


Junior - Zack Brydie

Hitting for six. 


Junior - Zack Brydie

he, he, its all mine