June 28th

SCYC had a great week at Lillyvale with the Lama Lama rangers looking at wetland condition. Great to see an improvement in wetland health since 2009 when we were last there.


 Bull Swamplama lama rangerswetland condition

June 27th

Bana Yarralji Rangers and SCYC staff recently constructed this spear gate on the southern fence line of the Scrubby Creek Wildlife Corridor. This wildlife corridor was fenced to exclude cattle and pigs, which aids in the restoration of native flora and fauna species. But a few sneaky cows got fenced in, so this spear gate (and the appetising molasses and lick we put just outside) will help make sure all the cows can get out!
See the link below for further information on the damage feral pigs can do to our environment.



June 22nd

Year 11 & 12 Marine Studies students from Cooktown P-12, Yuku-Baja-Muliku Rangers and SCYC took advantage of the low tides we've been seeing this week to get down to Archers Point on Thursday to do Seagrass Monitoring. The weather was beautiful, everyone had a great time- and some work got done too! Definitely a successful day! This monitoring is done on the Archer Point seagrass meadow every 3 months, contact SCYC if you'd be interested in participating!

Archers point